Bibel mit Rosenkranz und Kerzen

The International English-Speaking Catholic Community in Bremen

The International English-Speaking Catholic Community takes care of all English-Speaking Catholics in Bremen and beyond, in their religious needs (spiritual and pastoral).
The Community is made up of people of various nationalities who use English language to participate and express their faith as Catholics.
It provides a homely atmosphere for all who practice their faith in English language.
The Community provides opportunity for those who are new in Bremen, who can only speak English as they still learn German language.
It provides opportunity for those Catholics who are visiting Bremen and can only speak in English.
Many international Catholic students find the Community a homely place to practice their faith as they study in Bremen.
It provides catechetical instructions and preparation for all the sacraments of the Catholic Church in English. All children get regular catechetical instruction as they grow.
The Community celebrates all the Catholic services: Masses, Baptisms, Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Conversion, etc. in English.
Outside the liturgical services the Community provides homely atmosphere and forum for social encounter and interaction of the members.